Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

Just finished watching the press conference for the new Samsung Galaxy S4.  Looks pretty good.


Colors:  Black Mist or White Frost
Connectivity: 4G LTE, Wifi a/b/g/n/ac (HT80), Bluetooth 4.0, IR LED (remote control), MHL 2.0
Camera: back 13 mega pixel, front 2 mega pixel
Memory:  2 gig lpddr3,  16gb/32/64gb
Sensors:  New Infrared proximity, Temp/Humidity
Battery: 2,600mah battery, removable

Dual camera mode:  shoot video with both cameras at the same time.  Now you can add your self to the video your are shooting. Can turn it on or off while recording. 

Sound and shot:  Add sound to pictures. 

Story album:  Auto create story album from photos. Tag photos.  Partnered with Blurb to have albums printed. 

There are a lot of other new camera features. Like Drama shot and Eraser (lets you remove stuff from photos)

S translator:  can translate spoken and written words.  All with out a network connection.

Adapt display:  Screen auto adjusts brightness based on content.

S voice drive: speech recognition for while driving. Handle almost all task via voice.

Glove Friendly

Group play: play music through multiple S4 devices, can even setup surround sound.  share photos, group games, and more.

Dual Video call:  Chaton app.  use both cameras at same time.

Air Gesture: Navigate phone with actually touching it.

Air call-accept: answer phone with swipe of hand

Smart scroll/pause:  will pause video if you look away.

S Health:  S band, body scale, Heart rate monitor.    Sensors help monitor your health data.

S view cover: protect the s4 but can display key info thru transparent window.

Samsung smart switch program for moving data to new S4

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