Monday, November 9, 2015

H and H 3D Plastics

I recently received a free sample of PLA from H and H 3D plastics.  Thought I would write up a quick review.   I received a sample of black, yellow and blue 1.75 PLA.

I am using a Printrbot Simple Metal.  Printed at 197C, 0.25 layer height, 0.4 shells, 10% fill. The colors look good, the black looks a little glossier than my others.  It had good adhesion to my print bed (no heat), using blue tape, wiped down with alcohol.  (Also I keep my home about 72 degrees)

Since they happened to send my daughters school colors, I decided to print out some quick earrings for her.  (the model is from Thingiverse BullDog Keychain )  I scaled it down 0.5.  I first printed it with some Peak Green filament that My Mini factory sent me, I am not sure of the brand.

Sorry the photos are not that great. I did not use any support so the loops did not turn out very well. I also used a digital caliper to check the filament, here the results:

            First end: 1.75mm 
            Middel 1: 1.70mm
            Middle 2: 1.74mm
            Middle 3: 1.79mm
           Other End: 1.77mm
            First end: 1.72mm 
            Middel 1: 1.67mm
            Middle 2: 1.67mm
            Middle 3: 1.69mm
           Other End: 1.68mm
            First end: 1.71mm 
            Middel 1: 1.71mm
            Middle 2: 1.71mm
            Middle 3: 1.70mm
           Other End: 1.72mm

These numbers seem pretty consistent with other brands I have purchased.  H and H 3D Plastics manufactures its filament in the United States. This along with a great product make it hard to buy elsewhere.  I plan to purchase some spools from them and will do some follow up reviews.  Till then check them out.

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