Sunday, January 13, 2013

iLumina iPhone5 case by Bodydock

iLumina case by Bodydock
The iLumina case is unique.
It allows you to customize the look of your iPhone by choosing a base case color, followed by a band color. What makes the iLuminia stand out is the inserts. There are lots of graphics and art to choose from. There will also be a mirror, card holder and other inserts available. The case is made of scratch resistant plastic.

Each iLumina will come with 1 case, 1 iBand, 1 LuminArt (insert).

There is also a iLumina APP.  The APP utilizes PUSH Technology directly to your iPhone 5.  A text notification will prompt you when you are eligible for free iBands and LuminArt.

Overall the quality is very good.  This product is great for the iPhone user that likes to change the look of their phone frequently.

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